Rose Gold...A Trend? Peek Into Her Storied History

November 03, 2016 2 Comments

Rose Gold...A Trend?  Peek Into Her Storied History

She is a classic beauty with history and pedigree... Rose Gold, Always in Style!

Rose Gold is not new to the scene...and while her delicate, subtle shade seems to be everywhere at the moment, from iPhones, to home accessories and even hair color, Rose Gold jewelry has adorned women for centuries.  To understand her history, we should begin with her facts.  Pure Gold, also known as 24k Gold, is very soft and malleable, so for use in jewelry we add other metals or alloys like Silver, Copper, Nickel, Palladium or Zinc to make it stronger and more durable.  For instance, if a ring is 18k gold, it contains 18 parts Gold and 6 parts other alloys.  Rose Gold contains copper alloys creating a soft, beautiful and feminine blush hue that compliments most women.

"Historically, rose gold first became fashionable in Russia during the 19th century, where it was referred to as “Russian gold” since they were among the only wearers of the uncommon alloy at the time.  The inevitable spread of rose gold in jewelry can most notably be seen during the Victorian era where the pink-hued precious metal, along with its yellow cousin, dominated."  


"Only during the 1920’s did rose gold strike it rich with the jewelry-loving public, thanks in part to Cartier’s introduction of its now iconic “Trinity” ring and luminary writer Jean Cocteau’s endorsement of it.  Interestingly, Cocteau privately commissioned Cartier to create the ring, comprised of three intertwining bands made in yellow, white and rose gold, which he was known to stack on his left pinkie."

Jean Cocteau and his stack of Cartier “Trinity” rings


Rose Gold is Timeless...

If you have been reluctant to invest in fine jewelry made of Rose Gold, push aside any concerns regarding trendiness..... Rose Gold has been beloved by women, jewelry designers and haute couture for centuries!  Discover her subtle glow and ignite your own personal love affair with Rose Gold jewelry by Amber Erin.  


Amber Erin Jewelry 


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Tammi Boyd
Tammi Boyd

November 01, 2019

I love my rose gold. I wasn’t a fan until Amber showed me how to wear it with my other pieces. Now I’m obsessed.

Nancy Pellegrino
Nancy Pellegrino

November 04, 2016

I am seriously loving my rose gold and diamond hoops, cuff and zipper earrings! #obsessed!

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